We're working with some of the hottest families & cows in the breed!


All-American families from Kruses, Random Luck & Cutting Edge


We've got R&W and *RC donors from the breed's leading families & farms

Embryo Donor Catalog

Looking to expand your genetic profile? Check out our latest catalog with the donors that we are working with currently! All-American donors from several breeds, high profile families, bull mothers, deep pedigrees & more! Click the image to view the catalog!

Our Services

  • Recipient options
  • Live calf programs
  • Embryo sales
  • Large scale embryo export
  • Research trials
  • Donor Housing
  • IVF (partnerships)

Just about anything you could need to do with advanced reproduction We currently work with Trans Ova Genetics having them do OPU/IVF on our farm every two weeks.