Duckett G Chip Tokyo-ET EX-93
Garay Alexander Destiny EX-94
Arethusa Sid Tess EX-92
Happydanny Jayz Sunday EX-95
Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-96

Holstein Donors

Looking for the next All-American? We've got All-Americans, All-Canadians, and the dams behind them!

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Kruses Victor Jillette EX-92
Random Luck Legacy Poetry EX-92
Cutting Edge T Delilah EX-93

Brown Swiss Donors

All-Americans & All-American Dams from Kruses, Random Luck & Cutting Edge!

View our leading ladies HERE.

Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96
KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96
Lochdale Shaquille Missy EX-93

*RC and R&W

We have elite Red and *RC donors that have international appeal! Learn more here.