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Our Goals

Our goal is to help you reach your breeding and genetic goals! Etc.

Our Story

The Heinsohn family has milked cows in Kirkland, IL since 1950. Redcarpet Holsteins milks 400 cows and is the dairy operation of WGF LLC which is owned and operated by Steve Heinsohn along with his sons Jeff, Gilman and Johnathan. WGF LLC also farms 2500 acres with half of those acres being organic.

Our primary focus on the dairy is our large scale IVF/ET program. We always have embryos for sale and have sold embryos all over the US and the world. We focus mostly on high type, deep pedigrees and genomic cattle. We are currently working with multiple breeds including Holsteins, Red and Whites, Jersey and Brown Swiss. Partnering with serval top breeders and working together with them to develop different cow families has been a big part of our story.

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