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Junior Embryo Giveaway

3 Lucky Winners will receive 4 Total Embryos. Winners choose (1) #1 IVF Female Embryo per donor, from our Elite Donor Catalog, sired by the industry’s top bulls!

Entries are due by 12/1/2018 - fill out the application for your chance to win!

Embryo Donor Catalog

Looking to expand your genetic profile? Check out our latest catalog with the donors that we are working with currently!

All-American donors from several breeds, high profile families, bull mothers, deep pedigrees & more!

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-Recipient options
-Live calf programs
-Embryo sales
-Large scale embryo export
-Research trials
-Donor Housing
-IVF (partnerships)
-Just about anything you could need to do with advanced reproduction 

We currently work with Trans Ova Genetics having them do OPU/IVF on our farm every two weeks.